Veronika Valakova The Witch
From the shadows I emerge

I’m a witch from Tallin, Estonia, a small country in North Europe. I’ve been a witch since I was a teenager, with tons of customers in Estonia, Finland and Russia, but after the pandemic, I decided to offer my services on Etsy and stop traveling. To my surprise, I suddenly become one of the most successful black magic casters, with more than 1000 sales in a year and 300 positive reviews.

I truly love and care about my customers and some of them are my friends. They often say I changed their life, so I’m ready to change yours, too. Love, money, power, beauty, success gambling… trust me, you can really obtain it all with black magic!

This is real ancient witchcraft, the witchcraft that was looked upon with great horror by the neighbours. I don't have any competition and I mean this with the most humble and absolute respect. Magic gave people an avenue to attain what their hearts desired - love, sex, power, money and vengeance. It is a measure of comfort in a dark, unfair world. Witches are real: the witch hunters imprisoned my ancestors you cannot burn away what has always been aflame.

Thanks for visiting dear friends! Looking forward to working with you. 

Veronika Valakova


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